Roundabouts - Small bug

This may have been posted elsewhere, but there’s a small bug with the satnav directions on some roundabouts, in that it directs you clockwise on some, and anticlockwise on others.

Just a bit confusing when it says “Take the third exit”, and you had off in the opposite direction! :wink: Other than that, loving the game :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that a few times, the Satnav is getting confused which side of the road we drive on.

Is it only confused in the Italian part? In the French region do you get navigated clockwise, while in the Italian region you get navigated anticlockwise?

I think the GPS just gives the most direct route possible, regardless of traffic laws (which technically don’t exist in FH).

If the route turns left at the roundabout, the GPS goes clockwise. Exiting right it’ll go counter. I’ve also had the GPS direct me to drive up a highway offramp the wrong way.

B Wald

Saw that.

Also had the satnav send the wrong up an off-ramp. No big deal, but just saying.

No big deal if your car has decent handling and you have reasonable reaction times, that is :wink:

Same problem here not that I take the roundabouts properly anyway lol :wink:

Yes, I noticed that too. It is fairly inconsistent as well. On some roundabouts, it will give you the shortest route - but, on others, it seems to obey traffic laws.

I think the flip flops occur depending on whether you’re on a road trip or not. If you’re not on a road trip the directions are done properly.

I never obey in game traffic laws