Romain Grosjean challenged us on Rivals, so I thought I'd set a Lap time :)

Here is my lap time I’m fairly proud of which I set last night. Ended up being 196 fastest in the world with this car and spec (top 2%)!

Everything is stock with no modifications (I challenged a Rival against Romain Grosjean who set a 1:52:7 recently).

Note I also play with no assists on other than tyre wear removed for obvious reasons. You can see this is true with the fine degree of control required on the accelerator and brake (bottom right blue and red bars) required in this car!

Loving the Logitech G920!


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Good lap! My time is 1.50.836 and i play with the standard gamepad. Its a beast on steering.

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Nicely done on a pad! I bet the wheel adds at least gives me 0.5secs a lap. do you have any assists on or all off like me?

I have all assists on, but the brake without ABS is a key for better lap time, i barely need ABS in a few corners.
Would be nice to see which time is set with wheel, and which with controller.

Also, how the hell can you go round the lap 5 seconds faster. World record is like 1:45:XXX, that can’t be legal, I wana see the lap!

Can anyone beat my time then? (If so I’ll have another go tonight :))

Something to consider would be fuel load + tyre compound + track temp + wind. I can see 5 seconds shaved off for those things. I always run with SIM damage and i’ve wondered if the fuel load has any effect on lap times. I doubt it has in FM6.

I set a 1:51.186 with a controller. No assists other than running with manual vs. manual w/clutch. I set it on my 3rd lap in Rivals, my first two were dirty because I hadn’t driven the F1 car yet in the game lol it’s crazy.

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Great lap!

Any chance you can post your settings for the G920?

Nice, you did that almost like a pro!!!

Almost! :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys, my settings are completely default in FM6, I literally changed nothing, it works so great by default. I use Layout 4 for the buttons though.

I’m tempted to have another go with damage simulation tonight to see if I can break that 1:50:000 barrier!

Any chance of a HD video?
The current one is making my eyes bleed.

I couldn’t agree more! I’ve looked into this and short of streaming the game to a windows 10 PC with video capture I don’t believe this is possible, unless anyone knows different?

Nice job. Fastest I can get down to is 1:51.48 with the game pad. I’ve improved from my 1:53 I first posted but I think I have hit the wall. I can’t see breaking the 1:51 barrier.

I tried playing with the Damage/Tyre simulation on by the way folks and I couldn’t get a clean lap in due to the lack of grip, definitely didn’t work out better for me…


Do you have any assists on? Best not to as these just slow you down, may give you the extra couple of tenths you need

1:49.409 using only TCS as it gains you more of an advantage then trying without due to the torque

Managed a 1:51.634 with the controller. Had ABS & STM on, TCS was off. Was a lot of fun especially feathering the throttle!

Nicely done peeps,

Yeah I know about the TCS being an advantage, quick look at the leaderboard tells you that.

That’s a quick time Atticus! I’ll try and get near that tonight gulp. what set-up do you have?