Rockstar pack

I can swear i saw something about rockstar pack free for ultimate edition i searched but didnt find it can someone link to it or have the info

The rockstar pack was for either forza 6 or horizon 2…not horizon 3
Yes it was free when you preorder horizon 3 though
It will be free in the relevant game…theres no code …its automatically attached to your gamertag

Also think it was only if you preordered digitally as well

Ohh thanks so thats mean i have DLC waiting for me on Horizon 2

Yes, and the McGuire Pack for Forza 6 if you didn’t have that one already.

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Yeh you should have

Probably will be in the ready to install section under manage game

Think it was the 2nd last DLC pack that was released for horizon 2

If you were like me you probably would have already bought it
Same thing happened with forza 6

Only the digital edition thought not the physical edition

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