Rockstar car pack

2015 Subaru WRX STI
2015 Jaguar XFR-S
2014 Volkswagen Beetle GRC
2001 Acura Integra Type-R (Free Car)
1995 BMW 850CSI
1970 VW Desert Dingo #1107 Baja Bug


As I said in the clue thread, generally I don’t down talk the car packs that come out, but so far those 4 cars don’t really get any real interest from me. 2 more yet to find out what they are, hopefully at least one is a winner. But, that said, I can’t really complain either way. more cars to play with is always a nice thing, especially since they’ll be free inside the game. Free, is always a plus.

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So far it seems the 15’ Subaru WRX I will use and maybe the Beetle

I’ve been quick at work of any Fast and Furious cars I cant find… Re-watching all the movies so I can see if there are any I can recreate or any that I can pick up in the share front. Found a pretty good 08 Subaru from Fast and Furious, a fantastic Evo from 2 Fast… so having that 2001 Integra will add another car I can make from the series… So it is what it is… not impressed, but not disappointed either.

Turboteg, if you’re posting information you believe to be accurate ahead of an official announcement, please provide a source for other users to analyze. If you’re guessing, please use the clue thread.

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Max, this comes courtesy Xbox One Smartglass BETA. I’ve seen it on there as well - it may not be as a standalone pack but it can be found under the Forza Horizon 2 and Motorsport 5 Bundle which lists the pack as an add on.

And here we get another Subaru - yay - I like Subaru so it’s not a big deal. The only issue I have now is finding the time and place to use them all.

The beetle also promises to be rather exciting.

Jaguar - pity it’s not the Avant model but hey, I’ll take it, drive it for a few minutes and park it for later. Then again, it may prove to be too much fun to leave in that barn.

Acura - yeah, who didn’t see that one coming. A dead giveaway clue and keeping with the theme that Xbox 360 only cars come to the Xbox One version as the free car each month - didn’t take rocket science there.

Well, now to narrow it down and see which are the actual clues left for the two unknown cars. We know Car1 and Car 3 for sure. The Beetle and the Jag can be for Clues 2 and 6 - have you checked out the XF Model line-up on Jag’s website? It’s quite long and they even have a dedicated section to the F-Pace “just to keep you informed”.

This leaves us with too much Luxury which and Officer Dibble.

I still stick by my earlier guesses for these two clues. Though the Mercedes Maybach S600 or any super high end S-Class derivative would be a nice addition to the game and franchise, I could easily see the car being the RR Wraith because it’s the least amount of work for Turn 10. Click, click, drag model, click, save, done!

As for the Officer Dibble, seems everyone knows how to do a basic google search and find out he is from a cartoon called Top Cat. Further researching however seems to be tougher for most. I’m torn between the Austin-Healey 3000 and the Lotus Carlton. An Austin-Healey was present in FM4 and the Carlton was in FM5 I believe. Going with my reasoning for the Wraith, it would be easier to use the FM5 included Carlton rather than modeling the Austin-Healey for the Xbox One. Seeing as how it was asked for quite a bit and finally included in FM4, I don’t see a reason not to wish to include the Austin in a future title such as FM6 - the only question is, would they also do it for Horizon. It fits the feel of the game. – The only question remains, how to interpret the actual clue - is it that Carltons can outrun (top speed) the cars the British Officer Dibble drives or is it more literal as to the actual Officer Dibble in the TV show and the Austin-Healey pictured alongside him??

:smiley: Fun cars for sure so far I’d give the pack a 2.5/4

aha, open Smartglass, open the Store menu, and search for Rockstar to get this. Thanks

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Shows up exactly the same on

Glad I could help.

Already got it downloaded, now waiting on the update :stuck_out_tongue:

Given the buggy nature of DLC on Xbox One, it would be best if you just wait for the update before downloading the DLC to avoid any (and all) issues that could arise as a result of getting the content early.

The track record so far of people doing the very thing here, is my reference.

I haven’t had a problem with that sort of thing and I’ve done it with each Car Pack and with the Storm Island which I had downloaded before the update (given a code)

Though seeing as it’s 5am the Xbox One is being turned off until tomorrow anyway.

I’ve not had the issue either, but I have seen quite a few people every DLC period come in and say they’ve got an issue. :slight_smile: Just saying it does happen, and it is always better to just wait for the update before doing anything else.

Why do the Integra’s always have to be the crap Acura variants, wish I could get the Honda Integra DC5 like my one IRL :frowning:
In my opinion the DC2 Acura also has ugly head lamps but that is just me haha.

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Probably because there’s no such thing as a Honda Integra in the US. They’re all Acura branded here. Not that Honda actually put any real effort into re-branding them; open the hood and everything says Honda. My girlfriend’s younger brother has one that I just helped him do a head gasket job on. Pain in the butt to work on for such a supposedly simple car. I’ll stick with my American pushrod V8s.

ON TOPIC :slight_smile:
The Beetle is sorta cool looking. Hopefully the last two don’t disappoint. John mentioned that the Charger Hellcat was not in the pack- seems a bit specific, perhaps alluding that the Challenger Hellcat may be in? As for the Crown Vic everyone keeps mentioning, I certainly wouldn’t mind a late model P71 package for the giggles.

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So what time is it in America now?

1:39AM [PT], 2:39AM [MT], 3:39AM [CST], and 4:39AM [EST].

Ahh thank you!

I would guess that the Officer Dibble clue refers to the Jaguar :slight_smile:

RVM actually says this:

If you haven’t already, get a guess in on the cars of the March Car Pack. I posted some vague clues on Friday morning and it looks like I have done my job well and stumped you on many of the cars. One clue was obviously a dead giveaway. I just have to laugh a bit at how every month many of you find a way to skew my clues into seemingly designating the Dodge Charger Hellcat as part of the pack. I’ll give this one away, the Hellcat is NOT in the March Car Pack.

That’d possibly indicate that no Hellcat of any type will appear in this pack and my guess is that there may not be any car packs after the fast and furious expansion of which no one knows if the cars carry over in to the main game.
What is all the fascination with hellcat’s anyway, its just the same car with higher horsepower, there’s so many amazing cars that having loads of variations of the same car isn’t that exciting, look at Test Drive Unlimited 2 for example, I loved the game and played it to the death but 4 Veyron’s, 2 Camaro’s and a few other duplicates soon took up spaces on the car list.

On that note Horizon 2 is awesome and yes there are duplicates but there’s still a lot of variety, the clue thread is just that but many people use it as a secondary wishlist with multiple guess’s for Hellcat’s every month…