Robot voices in online chat

Just wondering when the robot voices are gonna be fixed in the online voice chat feature we had a tournament last night and more than 8 people were there so we had to go to game chat and everyone sounded like robots it’s annoying we couldn’t understand anyone this has been around for awile why won’t you fix this turn ten it needs addressed badley thank you

Quick tip - Avoid leaving your game on for long periods of time if your not playing it, your find you don’t get issues like that very often. I close my game even If I go away for ten min, haven’t herd the robot voices for months now. Happy Days…

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I haven’t experienced that in at least 6 months. When you done using apps like YouTube, Twitch, etc., make sure you quit them when you are done. My X1 is on instant on mode and I don’t have any problems with robot voices.

Thanks for ur info but it’s not jus me it’s everyone I hear about it a lot it needs fixed I think it’s curtain peeps that come in and drag connection down with they’re terrible connection or it’s jus the server idk but it suks and needs fixed badley