Robby Gordon Truck

Is this the new unicorn? Thoughts?

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Where did you get those photos from? Also, does it show up in the list when checking for cars or brands in photo mode?

It was posted by the same guy who shared 918 photo…on twitter (read on Forzacentral) . I don’t think it is in photo mode , consider this an anticipation like Citroen DS3 and Caparo (Youtube , after game release) .

That 918 pic was not what it seemed to be :wink:

Nope, Photoshop mockup. A good one that’ll fool many mind you.

Huh, neat. Found the Twitter, says #IWishItWereReal, and so some forum members were wondering if it meant the car being in the game or if it meant Robby Gordon dominating Long Beach ( I know nothing about SST racing… ) and someone else in the forums claims its a community bounty for March. Guy’s Twitter post does indeed say “Looks like Robby Gordon has taken over Long Beach in Forza Motorsport 6!” So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the Silvia, DS3, Focus RS and Super Stadium Struck now… Honestly, at the rate they’re pumping out Unicorns, it seems as if they’ll be running events up and through the next Forza launch!

Edit: Should have clarified, I meant that there seems to be so many unicorns being introduced into the game we won’t have enough months to be able to unlock all of them and will continue into the next game’s launch. Very well possible these wind up being DLC at some point but we’ll have to wait and see what happens or if anything happens at all.

This will sound so beastly tho… I cant wait!

Hmmm…one of those situations where waiting for an official announcement from Turn 10 is best. The DS3 is also something that isn’t guaranteed to show up either.

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Oh goody
Another speculation thread
Next people will be saying there’s gonna be a monster truck expansion. .lol
People forget what happened with the “special” thread and all the expectations that come from that because no one understood what the term “special” was about

Are you referring to before the Fallout vehicle was announced? The thing is, I’m not so sure this is a speculation thread considering how many we’ve had that are actually based in atleast partial fact. No matter the context, there will always be the “Bring back Fujimi and Maple Valley and Drift Expansion and All The New 2016 cars in a single DLC and All The Racecars!” crowd somehow finding a reason to turn any thread into a wishlist, but based on what we’ve seen so far with what happened with the Limo, the Caparo, the Silvia, the Aston Martin V8 Volante among others, there’s a chance to assume this will not merely be a rumor and could actually be coming to the game. It may never happen, it may happen in a monthly DLC, it may be a unicorn or an excellent photoshop: for all we know, it could be a thing and we should keep an eye out. This car already came out in Forza Horizon 2, it very well could be coming to the Motorsport series.

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that truck is a blast in the Horizon 2 Storm Island expansion, the tires are so huge. I just hope it doesn’t fall into the unicorn nonsense going on now



I see you’ve met our friend Emil, the Photoshop genius.

Don’t get to excited guys.


Great vehicle for Forza Horizon, but show me a racing class where this vehicle will fit in, and imagin the sheer havoc it’ll create in the hands of “wreckers” online!!!

It’s great for Horizon, but seriously, in Forza Motorsports?

Even a few of the Fast N Furious cars don’t really ‘fit’ in Forza 6 name some serious ppl who’ve managed to race Dom’s a Charger around say Road America?

They make great ‘oddities’ within the game, but they also create trouble in the hands of those that simply want to create trouble online…

If T10 adds the SST’s to Forza 6, they should add a version of Long Beach with the jumps. :wink:

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I still want it.