Roadtrip Drivatar Brakecheck

I’ve noticed that on the Roadtrips that the drivatars tend to pass you then brake hard right in front of you. This happens even on the straights, so its not just braking early for corners. Has anyone else seen this happen?

They are trying to drive along with you, in road trip fashion. I’ve seen this and now spend the entire drive making sure I don’t get behind them.

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I think it’s supposed to be some kind of a driver bonding experience.

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More like car bonding via impact fusion.

They are getting better though, way worse at launch. Same thing happened in FM5, the drivatars became better drivers over the months.

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Hope this is true (drivatars getting better), just one of a few minor things that niggle me about the game.

How I deal with this.

2)Absolutely nuke them. Don’t even bother braking.
4)Repeat step 2 while cackling like a maniac.
6)Take evasive maneuvres. Avoid impact like a pro. Continue driving.

But yeah, they’re getting better. Now they’ll wreck you during races while leaving you relatively unscathed during Roadtrips and Free Roam.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks playing almost exclusively online. Returned to SP the other day and was honestly shocked at how much better they were on roadtrips. I can actually cruise at 80 to 100 mph and the majority of the 'bots just keep to themselves. As far as racing…

Something I’ve noticed both here and in FM5 (and is proof to me that drivatars ARE learning from real people):

The folks in the back half of the pack aren’t just slower, they behave more poorly. Once I get to 4th or 5th position, the racing gets much cleaner. The top guys are much less likely to brakecheck, angle into me as I pass, use me as brakes/a wall, or sacrifice their own line just to mess me up. These are “noob” tactics, so good drivatars don’t do these things.

I don’t think the drivatar skill level and the “gamertag” always add up though, maybe it’s randomly assigned.

I also noticed this. It has gotten much better in the last few weeks, though. It was really bad in the first few months. However, I still have an issue when I have a big skill chain built up and I’m dodging traffic on the Autostrada and some jerk-head drivatar in a LaFerrari suddenly veers off the highway to drive through a field at 140 MPH right in front of me, causing me to hit him and lose the points. Oh, well.

Yep I hate that, hardly cruising when they just speed and keep braking, is it that hard for them to match your speed? Anyhow I just take shortcuts to the location so I dont have to drive with them :stuck_out_tongue:

They drive intoxicated


LOL, so do I (in the game, that is), yet I dont drive into other cars.

Happens to me all the time. Very annoying. But like said above, it has been happening less.

I always seem too hit the traffic car the drivatar just rear ended

That’s a Forza 5 trait. Not seen it happen in Horizon yet.

On a road trip, try speeding up and slowing right down when the drivatars start catching up. Repeat this a lot and watch how big a group of drivatars you can build up in front of you and watch them log jam the road in front.

They are way too reactive to your changes in speed and have a delay until they over react like old school automatic gearboxes hunting for the right gear to kick down to.

Gets very hard to enjoy screwing around on a road trip with the drivatars being magnetically attracted to your car. Annoying.

I do this with my friends in real life when we road trip together

…they don’t talk to me anymore

Horizon’s all Drivator is paparazzo or just cheater.