Road trips after every 3 championships

Do these road trips after every 3 championships ever stop? I find them annoying… I’ve won the championship twice now and it’s still forcing me to do them… It just seems like such a waste of time and pointless.

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You don’t like the road trips? I like them because I always take a different car out of the garage. I usually take one I wouldn’t normally race with. I have only been playing the game for the past week and a half, though. I could see how, over time, this could get a little worn.

Never. They only stop when you chose to stop doing them. Take a break if it’s dull and do head to head races, rivals, or hang out online.

Road trips are great online or offline


I think they just want you to see the game world by driving to the next set of races. I’ve never had an issue with that.


But it’s the same route every time… so after a while it’s nothing new and like others have said gets really boring/annoying. I’d like to stay in one area and do all of the races, then move on to the next area.

Whats strange is every road trip they tell you it’s not a race so take your time…Then it cuts to gameplay and it gives you a timer top left of the screen to get their in a certain time lol.

But yeah the fasttrack needs to include road trips as once you’ve put 20 hours into the game they just get monotonous!

What gets me is having to drive back to the festival for a “rewards party” after every 3 championships. That is pointless and a waste of time.


I agree, I enjoyed the road trips at first but now there getting tiresome, after the second final the talk of finals should stop as there aren’t anymore and the race points should all open up and road trips should be optional.

I just want to stay in one area and do all the races then move on to the next.

Driving the map and exploring is fun but I want to do that when I wish.


I totally agree with you!

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Getting sick of them. Why don’t speed cameras work??

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I find them annoying too, yeah you get extra XP for doing them but still, I wish they were more spaced out rather than after every 3 championships. I just want to back-to-back the championships and keep the flow going, but with the road trips getting in the way I get bored easily and usually resort to Netflix haha.

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You at most have to drive 9.5 miles for a road trip. Some people in my family live three times farther than that from the closest gas station. (Not me, I’m a city boy.)

It’s not that far, especially in most of these cars. You drive 60MPH and it’ll only take you 9 minutes or so. And I doubt many folks stick to the speed limits around here!

Edit: the GPS may give you the same route every time but nobody is forcing you to use that route. You can go whichever way you want.

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so 9 minutes… and you have to do it 57 times… that’s about 10 HOURS and there is absolutely no point to it other then to make you drive around… and that 10 hours does not include the time driving between championships, which while shorter you have to do after every one. I think it’s fair to say you are looking at about 15-20 hours of wasted time.


I agree. Just driving, not racing, to some given destination for 5 minutes, just to be able to start the next race, is not exactly fun. Do the mandatory roadtrips stop after the first 15 championships? I sure hope so!

nope, they keep on going for all 170+ championships