Road Lane mistake

I’ve just completed the first movie stunt and when I came out on the road it seems to me being British that they’ve put the third lane on the wrong side of the road. Normally on the roads here if you have a lane setup like those it’s as a crawler lane which is normally up hill not down.
Is this annoying anyone else?


I hadn’t actually noticed it was in the wrong direction till you pointed it out, but now you mention it, I remember seeing it in the demo, and you’re right, I’m struggling to think of any road I’ve driven in the UK that would have the extra lane downhill rather than uphill.

It doesn’t annoy me, as such. A bigger issue in my mind is that while I can see that it does look like the UK, and some of the house architectures are different to houses in FH1/2/3, as you’d expect, but at the same time, it’s all a bit “generic countryside”. I still feel that the first FH had the most distinctive scenery in many ways.

Yeah there doesn’t seem to be enough new housing estates. Everything is trying to look old.

Unfortunately I’ve seen a road like that in England (can’t remember where). It was so frustrating following a slow truck up the hill.