Road lane markings

Does anyone find the lane lines difficult to see sometimes? I usually like to drive on the right side of the road as fast as I could and found it to be quite difficult without knowing why. After I watched some Horizon 1 gameplay I noticed that you could see the lane markings quite a far distance away, but in Horizon 2 the lane markings only appear a few feet in front of you, however the lines along the edge of the road don’t have that problem. Although this issue wouldn’t affect you in races where you just use up the whole road width.

Are you talking about the 360 version? If so, I’ve noticed that too. Along with the painted road lines appearing through my cars tires. It probably has something to do with the draw distance and the graphical limitations the game has being on 360. I don’t know though, the 360 version seems overly scaled down. With so many features missing and graphic bugs, texture pop-in and overall low visual quality, what are all those resources being used for I wonder?

I think it may be a 360 issue. I’m on an Xbox One and I haven’t seen that.

Do you really need lines to tell you that you’re on the right side of the road? I’m on Xbone and haven’t really noticed it either way. I use all the tarmac unless i’m offroad.
I’m not that far in though, are there specific events where you have to stay in a certain lane or something?

No, I just like to drive as fast as I can in one lane in freeroam because its really fun, it’s not for an event. But when I do that I notice that for most roads you can’t see the markings at all unless its 5 metres in front of you, so when I try to take a bend on the right lane I can’t see the apex until its right next to me. Then on some roads in the city the lane is clearly visible from a long distance, which is wierd. However most people probably don’t drive in one lane, so it won’t bother them. Its on the Xb1 btw.

unless you’re mid-air

I’ll check it out when i’m on later. I’ve not noticed it so far, but then i wasn’t looking! lol

I like to drive in lane sometimes as well. I haven’t noticed a problem with lane markings.