So, here we are months after release and still no endgame.
Still no class-based rivals, multiplayer still broken and a shell of what it used to be. No choice whatsoever.

What are you guys even doing? the game is boring without these two vital endgame activities.

I only ever get on the game to take part in forzastage tournaments.
The worst part is, I can’t understand why they made it so bad. Why remove all the player choice and destroy things that players loved?

Won’t be buying future Forza games, sorry guys. I’ll stick to Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally. You really broke a lot of fans hearts with this garbage.

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I barely play FH4 anymore, just pop in to see what the seasonal challenge is.

Due to the lack of rivals, I lot of people on my friends list have headed back to FM7 and play the weekly rivals which can be found here (HLR HLC Rivals).
We are friendly bunch that enjoy building cars, tuning them and them racing them around a circuit, before pulling them apart and starting again.
If you are quick enough, there is the possibility of winning a weekly paint (and some credits, but the paint is worth more).