Am I missing something or is there no way to manually choose a rival for a specific division/track combo?

I understand it’s all homogolation based now but is there only the pre set races you can really use leaderboards on?

Without anything like leaderboards andvrivals in fm6 this game has no interest for me.

Can’t multiplayer because Australian internet.
Can’t rivals because I hate the car/track combos
Cant hotlap because I’m not going to sit here and phyically write down my laptimes just so I can compare a Mustang and an R33 Skyline on Nurburgring.

Sorry for rant post but I just want to grab someone at Turn10 and ask what tge he’ll happened…

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You aren’t missing anything. The rivals of old we all loved is gone. :frowning:

If you want to hotlap/view leaderboards it’s now in free play. Get into the car you want and head over to free play, you can view leaderboards when choosing a track, they use the homogulation system not ABC class. There you can also set up your race. Take off AI if you’re hot lapping and set the number of laps.

It’s a bit tedious but it’s better than nothing.

I was hoping that wasn’t the case. Oh well off to EB to see how much I can trade it for.