rivals unavailable

Hi all, I see there have been server issues over the weekend, but for me it seems like servers are up, because I can play online load paints and tune setups. The problem comes on rivals, on every rivals I select I get the message “this feature has been temporarily been disabled. Please see forzamotorsport.net for more info”. So here I am for more info. Could this be while they sort out the cbh and Prague events or a different issue? Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this or to when rivals may be back.

Rivals been down all weekend for me. Maybe they didn’t want the Lbs being massively populated over the weekend due to all the “Free Players”?

Or the servers simply can’t handle the extra traffic?

I’m sure someone know the actual answer.

Thanks for quick reply. It a good point you make. Didn’t realise it’s been all weekend as I was not able to get on the box due to other comitments. Hopefully L/Bs will be back on soon so we can get back to pounding round.

I hate having to say this over & over. But here is a noob question.

Am I understanding this correctly. Rivals can only be accessed via Xbox live? So in other words offline you cannot play it? Not even just going solo around the track without a rival?

First part is correct. If you want to do some laps around a track offline, you can use the test drive mode (Go into the tuning menu and press Y, then choose a track). But you won’t earn credits and XP.

Free Play works fine whether or not the servers are down. It takes longer to go through the end sequence as I guess it’s timing out looking for your relative position in the leaderboard, but it doesn’t affect the racing at all.

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Good to know. Thanks.

As far as I’m aware yes you have to have Xbox live gold, and have to be online to play rivals, same as multiplayer racing. Which is up and running fine at the moment. Although not the ideal place to run rivals times.
As the L/Bs are down I’m unsure that if you set a time in an online private lobby it will stand on LBs.

You can also run laps in Free Play and then you will earn some credits )

only problem i’ve found so far in Freeplay is the drivatar end sequane stuck on endless laps. I had to go to dashboard and ‘quit’ game.

les modes seront de nouveaux opérationnel quand?
et je voudrais savoir le défit de ce week end , vas t’il être reporter ?
Merci à vous.

Is anyone still having problems with rivals when I click on to it loads up but is empty and ideas

Yes its down with me, only thing i can think of is using c class non colision multi player to get rival times.

Rivals was back up, but then as you say nothing. Maybe because there putting cbh back up today.

On another note, I did a time in a private lobby when they were down , when they came back it had counted .