Rivals: Ugly Sweater Party | Dec. 2-14

Featured Rivals: Ugly Sweater Party

Let’s warm things up this season with an #UglyForzaSweater Party! Race a Dodge Viper ACR around the Bernese Alps Club Circuit to get a special ugly sweater livery & ugly sweater driver gear. Players who finish in the top 40% will receive a total of 500,000 in-game credits!

Deadline: December 14 at 11:59 GMT (4pm PT)

I thought there was an Ugly Sweater Driver Gear reward for participating in that rivalry?
When is that going to be awarded?

The working theory is that you need to play on Dec 25 to unlock that gear. I plan to test this theory on Saturday.

That’s a believable theory. I’ll try to remember to play after I open all the Toys that Santa is bringing me!!!

I know it’s bad, but glad to know it’s not just me didn’t receive the driver gear…

Hopefully they sent it soon!

My ugly T10 sweater showed up today

And to update . . .
. . . My UGLY SWEATER PARTY driver gear showed up as a GIFT in the last couple of days.

That completes my “wardrobe” with the exceptions of the three “FORZA RC” gears, which had a very limited distribution based on participation and accomplishments - and I did not participate.

yeah, my reading comprehension has been a bit lax lately.