Rivals times to friends 0:000

Evening all,

This has been bugging me for a while as it keeps happening and it should be the sort of thing that is a one off - cool type of thing. I keep ending up with exactly the same time as someone on my friends list. Anyone else having this or is it just me?

I have had other instances of this but not always captured a pic - I’ve also noticed other friends that have the same time as other friends.

Weird coincidence or something not quite right?

Coincidence and the digital effect.

Frame rate dictates what granularity of times is possible.

What is the digital effect?

Ok I see your edit - was that what you meant.

Yep. In previous games I think you could only beat a time or lose by 0.033 or something like that.

News to me. Sounds like you are making some big assumptions which could be wrong. The chances of having times that close to a relatively small pool of friends on multiple recent occasions is vanishingly unlikely.

In FH5 the thing i describe does not happen. I have checked.

In FH3 it definitely did. You could not beat times by 0.001 in FH3.

I know i’ve beat times (friends or not) in Rivals but i’ve had it say i was the same time. I think you were one of them :slight_smile:

So have I, but rarely. If it’s happening regularly out of a small group of players then it’s statistically unlikely to be a coincidence, although of course not impossible.


At least your times are registering. I’ve had top 50 times not register several times.


If that’s a fact, it’s a new one on me and I take my hat off to you.

I’ve run a lot of rivals over the years & I guess just focused on whether I beat the person or not. I can’t say I noticed it being that close on a regular basis, enough to make it a thing. But ending up with so many matching times just seems odd.

One thing can say for sure is most of my rivals times in this game are matched by someone.

Easiest to see by sorting by near me on leaderboards

I get that - I really do when there are what 14 million players potentially.

I have something like 100 friends not all of whom have played the game or set times on the tracks/ classes I have, so it’s a much smaller pool of players and seems to make the chances/ odds of it happening much greater.

Maybe it is just me that finds this strange.

You are right in that the chances are smaller in a smaller list.

I have chased some quick friends and have not tied with them yet.

Maybe they are aiming for the tie lol

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Well as I’m usually the one chasing, I guarantee that isn’t the case.

Thanks for that though - properly made me chuckle. When rivals was first a thing, it wasn’t uncommon to pass your friend and then if you were well ahead to slow over the line to just beat them. Was a good way to earn credits :wink:

This is weird. A proper implementation would measure the distance to the line in the game ticks before and after it was crossed and based on that calculate the fraction of a second the line was crossed, not just go by the first game tick where the line had been crossed.

I wonder if NTSC derived frame rates as output by the Xboxes affect the fraction (30÷1.001≈29.97fps instead of 30fps, 60÷1.001≈59.94fps instead of 60fps).

Fascinating that it’s happened that much for you; it’s something I see maybe twice a year and I run a good volume of Rivals. (The last two, in fact, I’m sure were FN and Rex! :smile:)

I’m not an expert in statistics, but it seems to me this sort of thing is more likely to happen when the players involved are of similar skill in a particular event (moreso when in the same vehicle and with the same tune) and also at the top of busy leaderboards, where the best are at the limit of whan is attainable and are thus piled on top of each.

At any rate, it’s neat to see so many identical hits!

I get a 0:00 every day, there’s something wrong with the timer.

It’s not just friends. I always get the exact same time as numerous other people on the leaderboard, which I find funny because some will have driving assists on, some will have rwd or awd.
You would think that if I’m in an awd with all assists off except brakes and someone else is in a completely different car with all assists on and rwd there would be some difference in time.
You see this all through the leaderboards until you get to the top cheated times, then they are .001 apart to make it look not so much like cheating.

Thanks for the comments chaps - to you guys not quite getting it - it’s not beyond the realm of probability that you will end up with the same time as someone on the LB’s especially with this number of players. It’s that I keep getting it with a relatively small pool of players. If you look at the A class leaderboard I posted - you can even see that whilst I have the same time as one friend, another friend has the same time as another friend.

Just seems a bit too frequent to be just chance.