Rivals time not uploading to leaderboard

Anyone else experiencing this?
• every time I load the same track, I get the same rival, no matter how many times I beat them.
• On beating a rival, when I exit the race and sort the rivals leaderboard to “near me”, I get a message saying it’s unavailable
• I can’t find any evidence that any of my times are actually uploading (my name does not appear anywhere on the leaderboard, no matter how many times I complete laps)

Day 1 server blues? Or a bug?

There must be something wrong, I play mainly free ride at the moment because of not enough time and my times aren’t showing up in the leaderboard when I improve my time.

if its in career when you are beating these rivals and you are using any of the mods your rivals time wont count or will be marked as dirty…even if the lil dirty symbol isnt showing…for some reason its doesnt appear in career mode

Not using a mod on the Mazda, still no faster time in the leaderboards.

Whenever I play the rivals with a downloaded tune, it won’t upload the new lap time to the leaderboards. However, if I drive a stock car it uploads the new lap time.

Are you using a banned car like the mini ?

Actually yes, but I tested it with a downloaded tune on the 190e as well, as I had no idea the mini was banned at the time, figured my lap times didn’t get recorded with the merc either.

Why is the Mini Banned? Other people have used Mini’s on the leaderboard (E class Laguna Seca),their times have been accepted.

Please read the post that says READ ME