Rivals/Time Attack dirty laps and black screen bugs

These bugs are extremely annoying, here we go.

  • Sometimes a lap will start dirty right away after you cross the finish line. Completing that lap won’t change anything, the next one will also start dirty, which leads to…
  • Quitting the race, then choosing restart will sometimes leave me in a black screen right after it shows your driver cheering. Music still plays in the background, disconnected controller still pops if I disconnect it, nothing else works.

Laps will always be dirty if you have friction assist on and any super easy assists on

Also if you dirty the last section of the previous lap

That’s not the problem, please read what I posted first.

Plesse read the 2nd part of what i posted

If your next lap is going to be dirty because your last section of the last lap was dirty, then that’s a bug.

Laps are shown dirty for me also even when driving without any assists and stay on track

No it’s intentional.

Stops people in races pushing another car to an unreasonable speed before starting the next lap. Or in the case of rivals cutting a final corner to take advantage of extra speed over the line.

If you dirty your lap in the last sector, just rewind past the point you went off track and run it clean. Your next lap should start clean then.

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