Rivals Modes and their restrictions

What is going on with the rival modes??? There are class restrictions and the LB’s are full of cars that are way over those restrictions. Is anything being done about this??

for some reason you can load tunes setups after the selection screen which allow you to break the class restrictions…not all rival races allow this…none should

well done on telling the few remaining people out there that don’t know how to do this what to do.

You’re annoyed because he spilled the beans? Really? It should even be happening. If you’re setting good times by cheating, than what’s the point? I really don’t think most of the really good drivers around here care enough about their egos to cheat. Maybe I’m wrong…

So, what do you do again :slight_smile:

It’s sad the game released in November, and they haven’t fixed it yet.

I have the bummiest number 1 at the Yas track days, because no one want to play them for that reason.

If there is one thing that annoys me more than bugs, are the people who do not want that we talk about it. The right thing to do when you spot a bug is to tell everyone, the devs will fix it only if there is pressure for that.

This community has a bad habit: they lock bug reporting topics with the excuse that it should be directed to the dev’s e-mail, or with the excuse that it is already coverd by another topic from many weeks ago. Hide bugs and they will never fix it.

Its actually a fault this the game I think, I did a few single player events with upgraded cars when it should of been stock,by accident.