Rivals Mode, ghosts

It’s been sad seeing the actual state of things related to Rivals Mode and ghosts. People begging for tracks, cars and restrictions on a list when on forza 6 this is absolutely not necessary. Not even ghosts are available on free mode to compensate that. It’s like being in a cage. Really don’t know why you did that Turn 10, and I hope you won’t ruin forza horizon 4 with that restrictives ‘features’.


I agree, we have a weekly series of Hot Lap Competitions running in the Tuner’s Garage but the lack of saved ghosts in Free Play makes setting times difficult and often frustrating.

The lack of response from Turn10 makes their return seem extremely unlikely.

Very sad.


The lack of proper rivals is why I haven’t played this game since before Xmas. It’s absolutely killed the longevity of the game for me. I know there is more class based lobbies now which is good, however with no class based leaderboards to run my builds against, it makes creating more unusual builds with different cars a much more time consuming process.

Really is a shame - although it does seem to be a trend with the genre given that GT:Sport has very limited leaderboards as well.

This is what gamers should fight against (those bad trends). We are the consumers. We don’t want crazy restrictions just to satisfy developers/publishers. I bought Forza Motorsport 7 without even look what was inside because I trusted them based in the past releases. If I knew there was no proper Rivals mode I’d never bought it. They need to know this is not the Forza we want.

Yes, Rivals should be in the Game from Release.
I still can´t believe that this Feature was removed…

No Long-term Motivation anymore… (and NO, Free-Play is absolutely NOT the same!)


Same for me too…I’m not playing this any where near as much as I should be, just dipping in every so often to try and finish the campaign and do what I need to do to get locked cars, etc. Main reason I bought this was for leaderboards, rivals, ghosts, testing builds, using other people’s tunes and then hitting the class-based multiplayer. I’m glad class-based multiplayer is in now, but class-based rivals is all I’m really waiting for. I love getting obsessed with beating my own times and trying to get top 1% minimum on every track in A and S class.

The main reason I don’t like homologated leaderboards is because there aren’t enough lap times being made because of the number of permutations diluting it all out.

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