Rivals Marked Up As Foul Times

How come all the times in rivals are having a yellow sticker next to them, and marked as foul times even when they weren’t?

Aqua - check your offline game speed under accessibility is set to it’s default settings.

If that works you can thank PinkiePie as he posted it for someone else and it fixed it.

My speed settings were already default.

OK Thanks!

Here is an image to show the problem. I reran my race to get rid of my fault, and so did the guy below me…

So Aqua is your problem solved? You’ve been able to set a clean lap time on that track.

If it’s not solved - you may have to detail exactly what your issue is.

Looking at that board - just looks like most people on there probably set their times in career races, which is much harder to set clean times on due to traffic. None of the times are particularly quick, which suggests either they didn’t try very hard, aren’t that good or were stuck behind other cars all of which could lead to a dirty lap time.

Well Turtles time was clean, because it was his time that I bet in the first place. My time was clean, but had a yellow box by it. the yellow boxes seem to appear a few days after you get a clean time. I had another track with a yellow box by it as well. I finished every track in the game clean as something to do last week.

Turtles time didn’t need to be clean for you to be able to beat it, you just had to go quicker than him (clean or dirty).

There are a couple of reasons you could have ended up with a dirty time (on a clean lap) - dirtying the last sector before the start line before your clean lap - or and this is unlikely as you don’t use rewind - setting a genuinely clean lap then rewinding back over the start finish line.

This doesn’t dirty a lap on motorsport but have seen posts from people saying this has dirtied their lap on this version of Horizon- I’ve tended not to do it just in case, so not verified it personally.

Yeah think he means the others… its from online/career

Aqua - didn’t have an A class tune for the X-Bow, so downloaded one from BedlamBorealis a regular in the rivals thread.

Set a time for you to chase on that track, have fun.

What track? How do I find you on Rivals?

Same track - Plaza circuit.

You could follow me or just scroll down the LB, not on the box just now but it was 186th I believe somewhere around there.