Rivals, Is there a way?

So, I’m just spending some time racing rivals in class’s (D, C, B, etc)
Is there a way to see want model of car the rival is??
I don’t care what upgrades it might have or tune.
Just the basic Car model it is…

Thanks, Michigan Rowdy…

When you get to the screen to start rivals, and it shows your rival hit Y then that will take you to a rundown from 1st place on. To see where you stand hit x to cycle the board to you and your friends and clubmates.

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Ok, I might not have explained this well enough.
I’m doing this from the festival rivals tab. Only me and one other car, offline…
Sorry about that…

so you are playing completely offline, not connected to the internet at all

NO, The Xbox is connected to the internet.

I do not race in what would be an ‘Online’ mode. I do not have Xbox live or gold pass.

I go to the Rivals tab, then to the festival routes and then class race from there.

Ok then
So then you can do what Retirednavy said
Before you go into the actual race you can go to the leaderboards and you can see what car your rival is using
You can even choose which rival to go up against as well

You dont need a gold pass for that…you need that for online multiplayer
You must have an xbox live silver account otherwise you can’t connect to online(internet) at all.

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Alright…1st… Thank you…
After some looking around and taking in the tips from ya’ll.
I’ve managed to figure it all out.
Now I can see what car model and some stats for each one that appears on the leader-board.
As an ‘Older 50+’ wannabe gamer/racer it takes a closer look at some of the tips you all have.
Again Thank You…

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