Rivals Fans, I need you! How about we create a proper time leaderboard?

Hey, everybody.

I’m pretty new on the forums, and in Forza, as I only got FH3 and FM6 during the last “Black Friday” sale. That’s not important though, just wanted to know where my skills are at. So, I’ve been getting (a lot) into Rivals in both the Overworld and Blizzard Mountain. I’ve noticed a bunch of stupidly fast times that I first thought they were legit. After doing a little bit of research I heard that many people got their hands on glitched tunes. I’m not ok with that, obviously. Very competitive guy, by the way, don’t judge.

It just sparked my mind today as I got to work: why not create a proper leaderboard (let’s say on a website like speedrun.com) with official rules and moderators? That way we can have a proper way of tracking the fastest people and fastest cars in an organised manner and we can easily decline runs that look fishy.

I wanted to hear the community’s opinion on this.
Have a good one and drive safe!

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The problem with that is just because it looks fishy does not mean it is an illegal run. I am not a fast racer so it will not affect me but I can assure you if you start not accepting fast times there are going to be legit ones that are declined with the best intentions in mind. If that was one of my times( which I’m sure it will not be) I would be very upset.
The rivals have different filters and one is your friends so you can just go off of that. There are plenty of fast drivers out there that you can friend and compare their times with yours to see how you are doing and you won’t need a whole new set of leaderboard tines for you to try to moderate and such.

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^Or better yet start a club in-game. Clubs can support thousands of users and you can filter results by your club. It just becomes a matter of promotion. I’m sure most people would be willing to change their club into this if they are interested of hotlapping. Because usually you choose just some club and never meet other members even.
Come to think of it there must already be some hotlapping or rivals club out there.

You’re probably right. Won’t hurt checking for such clubs, thanks.

That what rules are for. I remember a case back in the early 2000s where a Japanese speedrunner named Hotarubi had his world record run of Super Metroid stuck in verification for months just because it was insanely fast and well executed. If a time looks fishy maybe it’s worth investigating the tune or the video. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be penalized just for being very fast. I just want to make sure that no one’s cheating (if possible) 'cause that just ruins the fun and competitive spirit of everybody involved.

Try find and upgrade the cars that come with low-top-speed stock/street transmission and it should explain where most of the blistering times were from. The massive PI u saved up from top speed goes to where u actual needs it: accel/handling.
If there’re still few of those “blistering” ghosts which go faster than u still after u hit top gear rev limiter with same car, then those should be the actual glitched tunes with race-transmission bug.