Rivals complaint/fix NEEDED

My problem with rivals is finding the rival I want to try to beat. On a lap that the top time was 56 seconds, my fastest time was 104 sec. I was 74,000th place!!! Ok you can filter and go to yourself, but to scroll up to get to 103 seconds, I had to scroll through THOUSANDS of players. They need a filter that skips 5000 players at a time, or something like that. So from 74,000th place (lol) I would easily jump to where I need to be to try to improve more than a fraction of a second. It is pointless to shoot for 56 seconds, since they leave me in the dust, I can’t see what they do to win.

Why not search the gamertag and add as a friend
There’s a filter for friends and club members as well

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I’m not a fan of the way rivals is implemeted in this game. I would like it to work similar to FM6, FM5. Rather then loading screen wait show up where ever you car was in single player, then menu, tab over; select rivals, class just to see leaderboard to see where you ended up.

Why not be automatic dump you back into rivals menu. It’s not like it’s FM5 where you can be running race in single player and see a rival that you’d like to beat and then he back to single player. You pretty much want to go to rivals to do it. And it would seem to reason that you may want to see your LB position after completing one. It’s very cumbersome UI for rivals in general.

For the OP just select friends and if there is 5k spots for single second just accept the next rival it gives you and beat it. Or pick a rival from the global menu (starting at 1st place ) scroll down. Or join club and it will give you next rival above you in club. Club friend filters is normally where I start.

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You can access all that from the pause menu in the rivals tab under festival route rivals.

To the OP are you a member of a club? I notice the club leaderboards are usually much smaller and there is a filter for club only or club and friends.

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Race your own ghost till you shave some time off, then with your new time select a quicker rival.