Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Oh my !
Just taken the XJR15 with your tune out for a spin. New PB 1st run,2.5 second faster 2.11.1 2nd run ,not even scratching the surface of what it can do. wow

Only 1 car I could use this week to be honest even if it isn’t the fastest pick, I’m at 2:06.927 in the R390, I think I’m going to struggle taking more time off that though.


I set an A class time in the Ferrari last night at Coast. It’s not the easiest to drive with the tune I was using but is a pretty strong A class option.

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OMG :open_mouth:

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I started with the old god. With the butchered grip it’s simply nowhere on pace anymore. While your ghost, Jezza, took the turns in a flow I felt like turning a ship.
Sure, it was op in Horizon 4 but it did not deserve this.
2:08.5 in the EB110.

Yeah it’s ok but one of the weaker of the very strong Retro Supercars group now. It’s around SF90 pace on Copper Canyon, which is where I’ve tried all the S1 cars.

The R390 is very strong, particularly on courses with a lot of fast high speed corners like this. That’s still a superb Auto run though Gilles :clap:.


These are the tunes I think i have for S1 retro supercars:

RWD - Power

Jaguar XJR-15 - EGAO no HANA
Jaguar XJ220S - Rexazr
McLaren F1 - SakuraMxSPD
Countach - ATK Mang0
Ferrari F50 - Ruimarques3
Saleen S7 - GreetedDust8
TVR Speed 12 -K1Z Bard
Porsche Carrera - K1Z Bard


McLaren F1 GT - K1Z Suimin
Porsche 911 GT1 - Rexazr
Lotus Elise GT1 - K1Z Bard
Mercedes CLK GTR - K1Z Bard


Ford GT05 - K1Z Bard
Nissan R390 - Nalak28
Ferrari Enzo - Rexazr
Bugatti EB110 - JumpyArdvarkITA

All of these are fairly competitive for S1 (EB110 as Rayne has suggested is probably weakest).


Got down just under 2:03 in the XJR-15 in RWD / rallies / front+rear aero / no weight reduction. It’s not particularly easy for me to drive, but I’ve shared it since I didn’t see any others in this configuration; K1Z Suimin has one in RWD+rallies but stock engine and no aero which made it too tough for me.


Very nice Bedlam. Fastest XJR-15 time on this leaderboard interestingly, by over a second.

I’ve improved to 03s in the Enzo but think 02s are beyond it.

Leaderboard so far:

Bedlam - 2.02.987 (XJR-15)
Jezza - 2.03.857 (Enzo)
Xoroxronis - 2.06.527 (XJR-15)
Gilles - 2.06.793 (R390)
Landorgini - 2.07.643 (Elise GT1)
Rayne - 2.08.579 (EB110)
Odessa - 2.10.731 (XJR-15)
Marioma - 2.10.822 (GT 05)
PentEd - 2.11.165 (XJR-15)
Spiko - 2.12.115 (CLK GTR)
Rex - 2.13.167 (XJR-15)
GAdam - 2.13.200 (R390)
Akaalpac - 2.14.067 (GT 05)
Kulau - 2.17.337 (R390)
Der Duit - 2.18.238 (Enzo)
Hanson - 2.20.707 (CLK GTR)
Wan Ge - 2.24.444 (F1 GT)
Kooll - 2.25.746 (GT 05)
Angel - 2.27.915 (Elise GT1)


Yeah, I thought that was a bit weird too, but with the mega extend in the middle it makes sense that anyone who wanted to use a powerbuild would pick the NSX-R GT on rallies.

Speaking of the mega extend, since no one’s mentioned it I’m not sure if everyone already knows about it or not. This video shows roughly the line you want to take: FH5 S1 Class Rivals - Coast Run #1 WR (2:03.537) - YouTube though I think the optimal line would aim for the tree on the second time going through the fence, since the stone wall slows you down more as far as I can tell.


It occurs to me that there is potential for using the same car type in A class as well and that might give people more chance to experiment with the 512TR.

I’ve done a time just outside the top 100 using the 512TR in A class. If people are keen, I can do a leaderboard for that class as well at the end of the week - same Retro Supercar restriction.

That was my first (and so far only, been doing other things) clean run in the Elise, after playing around with the Countach (2.31.5 was the best in that)

In A class, the 512TR is strong but I don’t think it can compete with the F355. I went nearly 2 seconds faster with an AWD version of the F355 (RB’s version on street tyres, so rallies may be even faster). Not come across anything else which competes with that yet.

I’m fairly confident the battle for fastest S1 option is between the Elise GT1 and XJR-15. I can go quicker than my current GT1 time in the Jag but they are quite evenly matched. The Enzo was a mighty AWD option though - I’m not sure even the GT05 beats it here.

Cheers for the F355 tip, thats gone straight on my favourites list. 3 seconds faster than my 360CS (hlundh) on the coast run.But i do still love the 360CS ,one of my all time favourite rl cars

Hello peeps
Not been able to get online much recently, likewise contribute here. What time I’ve had has been mainly blatting around in the 512TR, reminiscing of a mispent youth playing outrun in the arcades :heart_eyes:
Have a clean time posted for s1 in xjr15 but, unsurprisingly, is not going to threaten the leaderboard.
@Jezza14 can you post share code for the awd F355 please🤞

Updated Leaderboard:

Jezza - 2.02.656 (Elise GT1)
Bedlam - 2.02.987 (XJR-15)
Xoroxronis - 2.04.531 (XJR-15)
PABO - 2.05.125 (XJR-15)
Spiko - 2.05.592 (XJR-15)
Gilles - 2.06.793 (R390)
Landorgini - 2.07.106 (Elise GT1)
PentEd - 2.08.362 (XJR-15)
Rayne - 2.08.579 (EB110)
Odessa - 2.09.530 (XJR-15)
Marioma - 2.10.822 (GT 05)
GAdam - 2.11.999 (R390)
Bulbes - 2.12.533 (XJR-15)
Akaalpac - 2.13.066 (XJR-15)
Rex - 2.13.167 (XJR-15)
SilverFox - 2.15.702 (XJR-15)
Wan Ge - 2.16.303 (F1 GT)
Smoke - 2.16.587 (XJR-15)
Kulau - 2.17.337 (R390)
Der Duit - 2.18.238 (Enzo)
PiratePenguin - 2.18.505 (R390)
Hanson - 2.20.707 (CLK GTR)
Angel - 2.21.108 (Elise GT1)
Kooll - 2.25.746 (GT 05)


790 523 566

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Luckily just got into the 2:11s. Never do any good this late and was all over the place but it was quite quick (relatively). Definitely more to come when I’m a bit more awake.