Rivals and Leaderboards by track and class? OP updated on how to view LB's!!!

Really wondering how the leaderboards are sorted out…

Anyone have the details on the Leaderboards yet? Are they by Homologation, A thru X Class, both? Second question would be what happens when you move say your “Hot Hatch” out of its original homologation? Does it just move into its PI rated class or is it completely useless?

Thanks for your help early users and Monteo Max!!!

Major Update!!!
I have seen a couple of Posts about how to view DIVISIONAL Leaderboards but it seems no one has caught on.
To view leaderboards, go to Free Race, setup, select Track, select Division, then press Y for Leaderboard. You can choose any division you want. Hope this helps some!
Lastly, I am still expecting Rivals to be implemented when Auction House Opens and Forzathon begins. The only question is will Class based Leaderboards be introduced? I tell you, IMHO, if this is true, this could be the best Forza of all time…Patience and Fingers Crossed!!!


From what I have seen of the live streams it seems that the old class based leaderboard system has been replaced by car division leaderboards.

As for the second part of your post, I don’t know for sure but would expect that once your car exceeds the specs of it’s division then you will only be able to use it in the Open championships or free play. I’m sure some people already know the answer but they are too busy enjoying the game to post!

Thanks, that’s a bummer though. I really liked being able to take a B Class car, tune it to A or S Class and compete. Was also fun to try and get those tuned cars inside the top 500 on the leaderboards for those respective classes. That’s probably the biggest negative for me thus far…


Homologation Leaderboard Only, confirmend by ATTAX Johnson video. Now I’m wondering how this will affect tuning, specifically suspension…If you pick a higher PI car and cannot put suspension, putting you up a PI Class, that really sucks. This takes tuning out of many cars…


R.I.P the Leaderboard


Can I get a refund if this is the case?


Id like to say you had 1 job T10, but you have several.


I don’t know.Contact the Microsoft support Contact Us - Microsoft Support

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No class based leaderboards = forum exploding soon.

Might be a temporary thing to encourage players to focus on homologation.

If the class based leaderboards are gone, that’s one more reason to play other games for me. I was worried for a second that I wouldn’t have time to play other games coming out. Hard to remain loyal to a game that doesn’t get what actually works in getting players to play.

I will rant eventually, but it’s possible this new game design might satisfy me. On paper though it’s not looking great.


These “Can I get a refund” posts annoy me on a variety of subjects. At least play the game before coming to any conclusions!


Why? do something else, dont let it get to you.

This is the result of pre-order culture. People putting down money while knowing nothing. When it stops, so will the refund posts.

caveat emptor


LOL … You should know better than using a phrase like ‘caveat emptor’ at the end of a post around here. People will think that’s your gamertag or something.


All well and good except T10 release absolutely zero information on what the game includes, despite questions repeatedly being directed at them. How in god’s earth are you supposed to come to a decision when you have so little information to work on.

That would be ok if there was much to play on the game…but there isn’t, so its very easy to come to a conclusion. No class based rivals or multiplayer is a great way to ruin the game (whatever was left of it).


Yeah when they remove the only thing that had you here to begin with it makes it sort of a moot point. The race lobbies have been a crashers dream and a racers disaster for some time. I don’t see how this guy is justifying removing a competitive aspect from a racing game. Hell the title has motorsport in it.


My only point was some should wait until playing the game themselves.

However after loading FM7 and playing myself I can see exactly why some are very unhappy. I can understand that Turn 10 are trying to get the community to use all the cars instead of a select few leaderboard cars. The divisional leaderboards are a good idea but we should have also have the normal E-X class leaderboards. At the moment I was shocked when I selected the rival events.

Lets hope this is just a temporary thing because if not then Turn 10 have made a dreadful mistake!


My bad, forgot sarcasm does not come across through text…

I’m still going to play but where is the leaderboard…hoping for a day 1 patch after everyone who bought the Ultimate to start Rivals. That or maybe Turn 10 is waiting till Tuesday?

Regardless, tuning cars at the top of the PI level will become hard if of impossible. This will also likely just create a LB in each division with fewer cars in each division. This is going to create an even bigger LB car problem. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A LEADERBOARD CAR!!! It’s Darwinism even in Motor vehicles.

Seems snowflakes have broken into gameing now too. Everyone is even, nobody is allowed to have the best, so on, so forth…Please rename title to “Socialism Motorsport”.


They needed to change something. They have.

It all hangs off whether the homologation restrictions make sense and allow room for the right tunable parts.

If so this might work.

It’s a big IF though.