Rivals always shows arbitrary and invalidated laptime as target time, why?

I’ve done some rival events recently and the target laptime always shows a very slow (5 - 10 times slower) and invalidated laptime as the target.
Is this a recent bug or did I miss something in the last updates?

Maybe you doing a fast dirty lap while rival has slow and clean?
Slow & clean > fast & dirty

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When I enter the rival event, it already starts with a invalidated, let’s say 12:46 time, as target for what is maybe a 2 min lap. And it never shows anything else.
If I do a clean lap, I get the message that I have beaten rival X, but the strange invalidated target time never changes.

The target laptime is shown as invalidated, not my laps.

It is for me too. Yesterday I was completely baffled as I set off with an 8 minute 10 second target time in B class rivlas. ON BRANDS HATCH INDY! Many many clean sub-one minute laps later it was still reading as my target time. The ghost car didn’t even get off the line. I didn’t bother waiting around to find out exactly how it spent 8 minutes and 10 seconds.

End the session and exit, then you will see your rival as the person right next to you on the leaderboard.

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Maybe it’s a new kind of challenge. Set a super slow-motion laptime that is also invalidated.

Rivals are choosen by the next fastest time on your friends list or the leaderboard, if no friends have posted times.
If it’s your first run at that particular rivals event, the slowest time on the board is your next target.

Alternatively, pick your own rival to run against.


If you are doing the time attack rivals they wont update to the next fastest time until you exit and go back in

Yeh its not fun
All other rivals should update though each lap

Yeah, rivals don’t update during racing, you have to exit and manually select a new time.