Rival - Track Days - Daytona

I have noticed a few times on the leaderboard that are unfortunately impossible to beat. Within the above title (Rival) you will see that to achieve 1st on top scores I would have to beat 0:05:451 seconds. I was going to post this on the Technical issues page but feel there might be a better chance of you noticing this topic on the general discussions page.

There are other leaderboards that have been affected by similar issues but as they are not within the actual Rivals part of the game I have not listed them. The last thing any one wants is to not be able to be competitive on the leaderboards if they wish to play Forza in this way.

I believe the leaderboards section of the game is one of the biggest influences that drive the players to return the day after and try and beat their rivals/online friends. It doesn’t matter what part of the motorsport they enjoy (Ovals, Drag, Drift and Circuits) it mostly comes down to the leaderboard as this is the easiest way to show their competitive side.

Just remember how you built Forza 4, With the introduction of clubs / teams and overall leaderboard for Ovals, Circuits etc you must have noticed how this drove the players to be competitive and give them a target to chase hence the Total time to complete all classes added together to get their name at the top.

I felt Clubs brought the players together as they helped each other beat the rival clubs and help build communities online.

I hope you read this and at least think about it :). I always enjoy your games just don’t forget your routes! Please

That Guys Average.

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You can beat a 5 second lap time?

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Didn’t even bother to read…

Yes well this is what you get when porting a Consol game to PC as long as Forza is on PC rivals will be pointles as there will all was be some who will cheat to win, and FM4 is gone for good why keep on about it, things change some times not for the better but that is just life.

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