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First time posting here, I’m trying to figure out if other drivers have some advantage I am unaware of while racing in Online Adventure. One day after being humiliated once again at Greendale Super Sprint in the S1 Road racing custom lobby, I caved in and sent a message to the person who won with a time 10 seconds faster than my average time at that track. “Alright, what gives?” I asked, “what’s the secret? I cannot get close to that time no matter how hard I try, what car, tune, etc, I still average the same time” Long story short, this driver was using the Windows 10 version and driving with a keyboard, not a controller. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind putting MY TUNE on his Mclaren 650 and running a clean lap in rivals at Greendale SS which he did, coming in just over 2:05. Now I may not be the best driver out there but I can hold my own. So I get into the EXACT SAME CAR and pull up his ghost to chase and for the life of me, EVEN USING REWIND, I cannot keep up with his ghost at all, he visably moves faster in the straights. I even put all my difficulty settings the same as him. So I ask the forum…what gives? Are the cars slightly faster on the Windows platform? What am I doing wrong? I can crush unbeatable AI in single player but cannot compete online, help me understand why? As a side note the top 10 rival times on every track seem ABSURD to me!

I’ll try to help you in some way but I don’t have a short answer to this, and neither know if what I’ll say applies for this specific case or not.

In motorsport in general, being the same car or not, there’s plenty of things a driver can do to be faster than others. In forza though, this is more limited so it’s easier to find this difference, either way the way one changes direction or accelerates out of a curve etc. all matter for a lap time and a straight too. The first thing you have to ask in this comparison is the transmission you guys are using: if he’s using manual and knows what he’s doing and you are on an automatic, he has a clear advantage, and this is visible not only on a straight.

Now, I also know by experience that PC players have advantage on auction house speed, so maybe in racing too?

Both of us driving in manual with clutch, no traction, no stability, ABS on. I can keep up thru the first 4 turns and then he’s just gone. Every time he finishes at least 6 seconds faster

I can speak from experience on this. I definitely prefer to play on my pc vs xbone x cos the controls feel much better. Even with the xbone x set to performance it feels really laggy and much less precise. My times are infinitely better on pc vs xbone x.

I would suggest to take the same drag race, same car, automatic, and do it on the 2 platforms. times should be extremely close. if you get 3 seconds gap in such conditions, then you know. if not it is not a proof there is no difference but difference possibly lies on lag time and/or precision of the physical model calculation. Such causing Xbox to have a braking/acceleration phase somehow smoothed to the point of globally slowing down every turns.

Just sharing thoughts, not demonstrating anything.

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I can definitely tell you there is a difference in response time on pc vs xbox between input and what you see on the monitor so you can actually control better at least in my case I know newer tvs keep coming out with better response times but after playing pc my xbox to me feels slow my lap times between both platforms are separated by seconds.
As far sa comparing to the ghost I don’t trust that I think its a bad representation only based on time. the visual aspect of it I believe to be off.Have you ever reraced the same ghost same track and see it does not always run the same path or even catches up at times?I’ve noticed this on a few occasions which makes me believe its rough calculation.

I have an old Xbox One and I definitely notice a difference when I play FH4 on my PC. I get 30fps on my xbox and, by contrast, between 120 and 144fps on the PC. When I play on xbox I use a wireless controller. When I play on PC, my controller is plugged in via USB. I don’t think the cars run faster on Windows 10, but when you have a smoother frame rate and a plugged in controller, you can see better and corner with more precision.

I can speak a lot on this as I have countless experience from competing with other PC drivers…

First yes the response times are significantly better due to frame rates and steering inputs, if you combine this with a driver that knows how to maintain speeed through the key areas of a course you are going to have a hard time, the longer the track the more of an advantage he will appear to have.

I compete in rivals and do manage to get World 1’s but only through tedious track practice, collecting data on it and repeating it over and over. You just need to break the track up into smaller sections and improve corner by corner, in the end the PC variant will still hold an advantage but it should only be 1-2 seconds max. From there it’s about a lot of luck and not having any traction loss, collisions with objects etc.


I have noticed a pattern in race/lap times while racing online. It seems there are 3 groups: those who get slow downs and finish way behind, a middle group (which I tend to be in) who do not make mistakes and have approximately the same times give or take a few seconds, and the top group who, on average, finish 10-15 seconds faster in Sprint races or 3 to 6 seconds faster lap times. It’s this last group who seem to be “uncatchable”. I note times and then return to that track in Rivals, attempting and failing to recreate. You would think, with the benefit of the rewind function, that I would at least be able to keep up enough to see them make each corner, but I find that impossible as well. I go back and forth with tunes either with great handling or more horsepower or a happy medium of both. What strikes me as odd is that with the handling “grip” tunes I actually get better times than when I trade weight or tires for horsepower but get completely left behind using those tunes in Online Adventure. Have these other drivers simply learned how to handle heavier cars on Sport or Stock tires?

Do you play on PC or Xbox?

Trying to make it short, Like Raaz raised it, there is a lot of training/learning tracks. You can see that even using exact same car as you ( monthly rivals ) some guys are way ahead. Therefore, except from some glitches, the rest can only be training, helps and device. Some can spend a whole day or even more on the same track. helps/assistance off, for instance,playing automatic is average 2s lost a lap for majority of players considering A group. Devices, for sure high end PC , wired controller is a plus but a 2ms display compared to a 35ms TV, is 33ms, 0.033 sec, when your gap to best players is such, you are already top player.

Concerning tunes, most top players do share some, just pick a few gamertags and do try some of theirs .

I think I tend to slow down for corners early and then accelerate through them. Some corners, which might show red on the racing line, you don’t actually have to slow down for at all, or only a little, e.g. uphill or in a hollow.

So what would be the Difference ? I mean you can play with a Controller on both and except some Settings there is not that much Different. Same Cars, same Content, same Tracks and so on. Only the Higher Textures and higher FPS on PC what can be lowered also.

Open telemetry menu->general tab. Check the throttle value.

I am assuming you are using triggers for precise accelerator control. Make sure you are getting 100% throttle when the trigger is pushed down all the way. If you are not getting 100%, even if it’s 1-2% off, you will definitely fall behind on straights. If this is happening, your trigger is probably wearing out.

I had this issue with my controller, on occasion I could see myself falling behind on straights to my ghost without any sort of tuning changes.

In FH3 there was an option to filter out PC players in matchmaking so you didn’t have to race against them. That option was removed in FH4, like so many other things. Right now, in the tuner’s lounge, HLR Moss is running a hotlap challenge and you can see spreadsheets with lap times of PC vs Xbox, and PC always at the top.

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Would been interesting same guy, same car, pc vs xbox. Nevertheless the gap between lap time is quite high not to say huge when comparing to the monthly rivals. Concerning the filter, the best way to hide a thing is to remove tools allowing to detect it.

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