Rival selection and leaderboard navigation, particularly on Xbox

I very much enjoy getting familiar with a circuit/sprint in rivals, slowly shaving down my times with a rival just a bit quicker than my last time.

Some of my friends are much quicker than me on certain tracks or classes, lap after lap against a rival finishing seconds before me is less fun and I don’t feel I’m making as much progress.

At present, when trying to select a different rival, the default is the top of the leaderboard, and on Xbox at least, I’m unable to scroll any faster than one at a time. Was just experiencing this with a friend at 1,000 something and myself at 5,000 something, really preposterous number of times to scroll through to make it anywhere close to what I’m after.

Scrolling pages at a time would be nice, also a fast scroll bar?

Switching filter to “near me” I’m able to view the times right in my neighborhood but in attempting to select one, the cursor/selection jumps back to the top of the leaderboard. This doesn’t happen on my friends/club leaderboard, but the root of the issue for me is selecting a rival between mine and my faster friend’s time. If I take the time to manually select another rival and beat them, my automatically selected next rival is always the faster friend.

I’m not against friendly rivals, it is very easy to choose a friend as my rival if I care to, especially under my rivals. The default should be whichever rando on the leaderboard is just a bit faster than I am now.