Rival mode exploiters

Let it be known that if you are exploiting the Rival mode. I and a few others are reporting you lame butts to Xbox. I hope you console get banned from FM5.

I look on LBs and if the car do fit in criteria then messages are sent.


You probably mean cars that DONT fit the criteria (otherwise you would have a lot of work to do lol)

I don’t get it? How are people exploiting rivals?

there’s a bug in rivals that lets you exceed the required class for the event - T10 will probably fix it, and probably wipe the invalid times

yes most are exploiting it. yet i may be wrong but im sure i heard that its happening to some without their knowledge. they race a let say r class race in career mode but it puts their time on a lower class LB. so you could be reporting people thats done nothin wrong. personally i would leave it to t10 to sort out.


No the bug only works in the rivals menu and you actually have to knowingly do something to make it work, career mode rivals interface works fine.

I had this happen yesterday. I was starting a rivals event and I thought it de modded my f40 for the race. After I put in a couple laps I backed out and it kept it as an S class.

It’s irritating to me because I’m pretty serious about rivals and always in the top 1%. So I don’t want anything of mine deleted, I’ve spent a lot of time running laps.

It is very annoying that a lot of rivals allow an R class on a lower class rivals event. You would think you could run a program to weed out the higher class cars.

Oh I see, thanks for explaining! Hopefully it’s fixed soon then.

Look at the monthly rival at Sebring. D class, yet there is a bunch of c class and a few p & r.

The monthly rivals are set with certain parameters.

Whats funny is some of these cheaters can’t even run a top 50 lap time with a car 2-3 classes above what it should be.

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Nice to know there is a Forza police. I can sleep easy in my bed now.



I’m not sure the rampant reporting will help. A) Turn 10 can and will easily identify those who have exploited the system and can address individually in terms of punishment. B) Some glitches have been known to create issues on the leaderboards. Unless you know for certain (i.e. - watching them step by step) that they are intentionally defeating the system, all punishments are reserved for Turn 10’s determination.

But, if it makes you feel better - report away.


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