Rival laps

Hi folks.

I see youtube clips of people selecting leader board entries and setting a player as a rival, or viewing their lap. I don’t have the option to do this. Can someone please tell me where I can find this missing option?


Goto Rivals
Press “Y” to select Rival on leaderboard.
Scroll to name you want to set and press “A”.
Then race.

while in rivals mode, select the class/track you want.
before selecting your car of choice hit “Y” for leaderboards
select the player you want, and hit “A”
that will pop up a window that will let you Set as Rival/Watch this replay/view gamer card

hope that helps

Ah, many thanks.

The menu systems in this game are so un-intuitive it really should be shipped with a manual!

You have just discovered one of the most addictive aspects of FM5 . . .