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Now that I have been called all kinds of names on here and other things and people took my post out of context and on top of all that FORZA made it so my cars are like driving on ice and they have no speed.

I am sorry that I ever joined this forum and put up a post

it was a great game well it lasted ! now I will just go back to my GRAN TURISMO world of racing

Yesterday I was reading a post about all the negative post about FORZA 5 I can understand some of the negative post as their is some issues in the game.

my biggest issue is with the brakes locking up, the front brakes lockup and the rear tires just spin. I had the same problem with FORZA 4 and Xbox Support said it was the system 3 Xbox 360 systems later I gave up. Here I am now with the Xbox one and FORZA 5 so far the game has been great but I have the same brake issue and again Xbox support said it was the system ( I deal with the brake issue!)

To get back to the subject the RIVAL EVENTS if you just touch a blade of grass its a dirty lap but yet the rival car is bouncing off the walls and guard rails and other cars for example track days the Ferrari 360 he is bouncing off the guardrails the car goes air born and I beat him 5 times but didn’t count because I went out of bounds and this has happened with other rival events I did.

On the A class the Indy Track the clock jumps from 01:09 to 01:19.

The same thing happened to me on the monthly event with The Aston Martin I ran a perfect lap had a time of 02:21:787 had to beat a time of 02:24 they didn’t give it to me.

First, use some paragraphs.

Having said that, I did read through this. I’ve never seen any of the issues you’ve mentioned. Please point out a specific rival that you think is dirty, because I run a lot of rivals, and frankly, I’m having a hard time believing anything that you’ve written here.

I did use the period and paragraphs and that’s just the way the post got posted if you look they are there

You obviously know where the period key is, use it. As for the braking lock-ups and spinning out, I’m pretty sure that’s a personal problem and caused by a lack of skill with the given car.

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Brake lock-ups and spinning out are probably related to abs and tcs/stm assists or bad tunes - use them or learn to drive without them
it would be statistically very unlikely that there is a problem with four consoles - maybe its just a problem of one driver struggling to play the game without assists :wink:

That was my thought also having four bad consoles (not likely) FYI I know how to tune a car and drive I am just new to the FORZA world of racing.
I was a GRAN TURISMO die hard

bit of a contradiction there. are you new to forza or did you have a forza 4. also i find it highly unlikely that xbox support would say its a issue with the system they would have directed you to these forums for help.

I bought an XBOX 360 and FORZA 4 I had an issue with the system that I bought at Kmart ( it was less than a week old) I got my money back because they didn’t have another one I bought a new one at BestBuy five days into playing FORZA the system started acting up and I had no control of the cars the cars just drove themselves, so I contacted Xbox support and they had me uninstall the game and do system reset and reinstall the game so after doing all that I tried the game and had the same issue with the cars driving themselves. (well I am doing all this I am still on the phone with XBOX support) Support said it was a defect in the system so I take it back to BestBuy they don’t have another one so I get my money back and go to GameStop and buy one.
I am playing FORZA 4 all is going well then one day I went into a race and the brakes on the car started locking up so I try a different car and the same thing happened the brakes lock up try another car same thing so I call XBOX support tell them what is going on with the cars support tells me about the forum but the issue was I didn’t have a computer to go online so we do the run down on the system and again the system has an issue so I took it back and got my money back and gave up on getting another system.

call me crazy but that works out at what 10 - 15 days of playing forza? i find it very hard to believe that you are tier 4 in that time.

something tells me you are just trying to be… well a troll



If you think 3 periods and 0 commas for that entire blurb is enough, then you my friend are sadly mistaken. Bottom line is that you need to focus on the fact you’re the problem in both instances, the driving and obvious punctuation or lack there of. Instead of answering about your grammer errors would you mind affording us the information as to whether or not you are using assists?

my assist settings are abs on TCS on steering normal driver set to average

I figured out the brake issue

that fact is that I am not the problem and I should have kept my eight hundred dollars that I paid for the Xbox one and the FORZA 5

What fixed the brake issue?

It don’t matter now because whom ever controls the game made my game so that I cant even drive the cars it is like driving on ice and I cant even change the settings on the cars,
Once again I gave FORZA a shot and came out on the loosing end.
It was fun well it lasted.
The thing is that I never said anything bad about the game (in fact I said the game was great)

If you have that strange feeling that someone is controlling your game, you are either trolling or you must have a serious issue, I am not trolling and I mean this seriously as a friendly advice, but if you think that someone is controlling your game you should get some help

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Are they really? Because the penalty criteria is the exact same for every Forza racer. If a blade of grass in one section is a penalty for you, it is a penalty for me. If a particular area of guard rail is a penalty for you, it is penalty for me. So long as that level of consistency is in place (which it is), the playing field is level.

Secondly, regarding bumping: you must have missed the early years of the franchise where low-class vehicle drivers would employ the help of high-class Le Mans Prototype vehicles to receive a push all the way around the track to incur a much faster lap time than the vehicle’s stock configuration would allow. Now, if you can point out to me a real world race track that would allow those shenanigans, then your point would be marginally valid.

So, I suppose you might be able to see why Turn 10 must place some restrictions on what constitutes a clean lap. As mentioned, these are the same for everyone playing Forza Motorsport - therefore, everything is perfectly fair. Now, if those criteria don’t suit your personal needs - I think it’s time you revise your driving style.

First things first , a clean lap means no running off the perimeter of the track , you cannot run all four wheels over the curb , and you can brush a barrier and retain a clean lap so long as you do not hit it too hard!
As regards to the brake issue you refer to in the first post , if you apply the brakes too hard the wheels will lock , if you apply the brakes gently they will not , it’s just a case of finding the sweet spot on the brakes , something that you need to practice! I would suggest turning ABS on if you still have problems!
The point in having the clean lap in forza is to make it a level playing field , so that nobody is gaining an unfair advantage and making sure everybody is racing by the same rules.

I never had and issue with the brakes other that my button mashing trigger fingers thanks to COD. I have never seen the clock jump 10 sec either, with the exception of autocross penalties +5 for every gate.

Get a clean lap can be a pain some time especially if there is traffic or you run off toward the end of a lap and it dirties your next one. I had starting a lap and its already dirtied by something that could not make that lap any faster. I remember the stupidness of the car pushing so I can understand why its that way, you can’t fight it so just driver better.

I feel as though you are, no offense, not all there and on drugs or you find this as some kind of amusement. What you are saying does not make any sense. I would kindly ask a mod to lock this thread as there is nothing good that will come of it.

-Edit Never mind. This is just too weird…