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Hey everyone, I’m just curious to see if anyone knows why it’s impossible to get realistic lap times in the Nurburgring. For example, with a stock BMW M4, the best I can do is an 8:40 but the car can do it in 7:52 in real life. With racing slicks and weight reduction, the best I got was 8:15. Now I know that my driving isn’t perfect but it’s definitely not a full minute bad. On the leaderboards it seems that only fully A700 cars are lapping it in less than 8 minutes. Any insights as to why this is?

There’s a whole thread about this, just search for it. Lots of input in there. :slight_smile:

uh, B class is down to 7.24…


Im getting under 8 minutes in C-class. 07:58.772 in a GT86, and 07:55.007 in an S2000 so far. The number one time for C-class is 07:44.511

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Keep trying. My B class transit van sits at 7.55

I did it in 9:50 (clean) in the limo with no upgrades. Was also chatting on skype, which always slows me down.

With a faster car, and no skype, a 7-or-8-minute run shouldn’t be hard at all.

Edit: My D class time is 8:53, in a freakin’ Musclecar of all things ('69 Pontiac GTO).

Also, which ribbon are you running? Nurburgring + GP is quite a bit longer than the regular Nordschleiffe.

Stock M4 - 07:56.xxx

While the video was rendering out and uploading to youtube, I managed to get into the 54's with it.
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RL times are “bridge to gantry”, not a full lap. Google and find the site. Pretty interesting. Wish T10 would put in a “BTG” challenge sometime. Depending on the car btg is around 40-60 seconds less than full lap.

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Not all times set around the ring are done between “bridge to gantry”, some are set with the entire track rented out and closed to the public.

In fact, “Bridge to Gantry” blogged about the lap that the OP is referencing. In the article they wrote, and very clearly stated “That’s a full lap, by the way (minus a few metres of the T13 straight)”.


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You’re right. Should have said “may” be btg. About to try it myself now. My time won’t be competitive but gives me something to do.

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