Rim colors

Does anyone know how to paint the inner of the rim and have the outer chrome? This was an option on the previous colors for the rims on my Bugatti. That only bad thing is, I cannot repeat this on any other car. Does anyone know if this is possible or just a mess up in the game. But it looks fine. It doesn’t change when I drive or anything.

As far as I know you cannot do this. Some cars have coloured wheels when you buy them so when you change the rims they sometimes end up with 2 different colours. I wish you could paint the lip different to the dish though. If someone else knows else wise please share??? Coz I’d love to know how as it would make some of my cars looking amazing.

There is a little trick to this I believe it is something like…
paint standard wheels which ever colour you want the centre to be on new wheels, then switch wheels to aftermarket wheels with a polished lip
the centre only should now be painted, i think it only works on certain wheels this trick has been around since forzas of old
hope that made some sense!


Here’s what I don’t get. There’s soooo many requests to Turn 10 about the wheel color issue “including me” why are you guy’s still refusing to add this option?

along with some sort of Chevrolet truck. We have ENOUGH Ford products!

Do you really believe that Turn 10 is just willingly not putting that feature in? I’m willing to bet that they want to and simply haven’t gotten around to it yet. And while it would be a very nice feature to have, its lack of presence doesn’t ruin the game.

I like all cars equally so I wish you wouldn’t diss Ford, but I’m not here to argue. I’ll agree that I would like more trucks. I suggest you post your request in the FH2 car wishlist thread, as you’re far more likely to get your request seen and considered there than here. Good luck!