Rim color bug

can someone help me with this :

They added an update earlier in the year which let you paint different parts of the wheel. Unfortunately, if you had previously shared a livery with a particular wheel colour, this would only be applied to the main part, the other parts (rim, internal etc.) would be set to the default, which could be silver or other colours depending on the wheel design.

Not every painter went back and fixed this for all of their shared designs, so you will see some odd rim colours etc. I’ve got some rally designs with chrome rims(!), but I’d have to go back and fix 100+ designs and then reshare, thus losing track of the downloads/uses/likes as it will treat it as a new design.

I was vaguely hoping they might issue a patch so that if a wheel colour had been applied it would apply to all wheel parts, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.