[RIK] The Essence of Life (GTA)

heres my first project from the series

i bring you the gta sprunk buffalo


i will be placing my catalouge here

In the meantime some older stuff in no particular order

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something else goes here!

here is a better picture for the moment nearly done with this

Sweet! Got to love GTA liveries, painted a few myself but never this one :sunglasses:

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Thanks bud love ya gallery đź–’

Haven’t seen you around in awhile… Welcome back and nice start on your gallery.

Thanks its been a while i skipped a few forzas because of my work. i can relaxe a bit more now so i really want to get back involved with the series . I have a few ideas brewing

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Welcome back man! Great start!! :grinning::+1:t2:

Im impatient. I want to know what the RRC is .im buzzing . But thank you .