Ridiculous troubleshooting steps

How are things like “completely uninstall your antivirus software”, “close one of the most popular and widely used PC gaming voice comms utilities”, “disconnect your computer entirely from the internet” acceptable troubleshooting steps. How were these issues not found and resolved prior to release? A lot of people paid big bucks and one of the benefits was pre-public access. Right now it looks like a lot of people can’t play - I can’t even get past the turn 10/playground startup logo, and I don’t find compromising the security of my pc to be a reasonable system requirement.

Ironically the trailer says “tell me what you want…” I want a game that is at least passably functional at commercial release. Can I get it? Hopefully as time goes by today there will be some updates to make the release functional. Also depending on how long it takes to produce a functional product, the company will hopefully determine adequate compensation for delays on advertised features (early access) for its loyal supporters.

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