Ridge Racer Physics

It has been a few weeks since I last heard about Forza Horizon 5, however one of the things I remember is that the Physics of the Cars can be changed for things like Bucketlist Challenges if I’m correct, and maybe Races in general, too.

That makes me curious: would it be possible for someone to change the Physics in such a way that all Cars handle like in a Ridge Racer game like say… Ridge Racer 7? Basically, when you let go of Accelerate for one very brief moment, your Car will begin to stick to the Road as if it’s skating on ice, only very slightly veering off the road at most while the Player can simply steer to change the direction of the Drift, exiting the Drift by just straightening the Car at the end of the Corner.

Does this kind of Physics style sound feasible, plausible or even remotely possible for Forza Horizon 5? I’d love to see someone try his/her best to try and recreate this Ridge Racer kind of Physics style. Someone already managed in Roblox, so it should be possible here, too.

No that’s not possible. Ridge racer uses totally fake physics, no gravity or anything.

It depends on how Event Labs works. They did say you’d be able to edit the physics for your Event Lab creations, but they’ve been completely tight-lipped about Event Labs since, which is a little bit worrying. Because of that, we can’t really answer your question.

I want to know a similar thing. I want to know if I can edit the physics to remove the unrealistic concessions the game makes in order to be accessible. I want to make a hardcore sim within Horizon.

OK, so the game is out now. I have yet to get the game but I hope to have it by next month. Has anyone looked through the available options and experimented about?