RichardKortland's FM7 Gallery

Playing FM7 since day one, but I spend just a little time in photomode. I just made some snapchots. But today I did my first serie.
I’ve (motorsport) photography as hobby in real life, so the photomode is one of my favourite parts of FM7.

I’ll start with the snapshots from the last months, the serie will follow soon.
Feel free to comment or give feedback to me.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Nice selection of pictures, I like your use of lighting and how real a lot of these look.

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Some excellent stuff! Looking forward to see more off your pictures

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Beautiful pictures! :slight_smile:

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Inspired by this weekend’s Bathurst 12h:

Your hobby definitely shines through in your pictures, very nice work. I’m eager to see more.

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Was thinking exactly the same thing, you can definitely tell you do this in real life. There is a definite sense of realism in your photos!

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Some nice pictures again, quality work

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Thank you all!

Time for the next one, a trip around the world in the Nissan Bluebird:

Oh! Love that Montreal shot! “Bitting my lips”

Dunno why I haven’t took it out for a spin yet.

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Back to the 70’s for some F1 action:

Beautiful shots, very nice

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Quality work through and through

You’ve got some great shots in here! These two are my favorites:

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Thank you!

Time for a new serie:

Absolutely gorgeous, 10 out of 10

Absolutely amazing work in here! I can’t see one photo that I didn’t like. You really know how to use the tools you have!

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Peugeot 905

Some really nice pictures again, good work

Epic shots, very well done!