Rewind Working Sporadically

Like the title says, sometimes it works and other times it won’t. Am I missing something? Anyone else witnessing this?

It worked in one race of a series, but not the next. When it’s not working it just acts like a dead button.

Long-standing bug, I’ve had it a lot when trying to use it in rivals, whether online or offline.

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+1 a frustrating bug that’s been there for ages. I seriously doubt PGG will bother fixing it.

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Thanks guys. I just started using it recently which is why I’ve never noticed before.

when it stops working, get out of race/rivals, do instant travel, click Y after few seconds, should be back ( sometimes have to click several times )

As far as I know it’s an FH3 engine legacy bug. On FH3 it was much less happening but very happening on FH4

Also try not to trigger Y while a rewind is on going, it seems to crash the rewind for the next time you will need it.