Rewind only allowing one backup

Use the rewind to try to get those crazy boards when jumping off of cliffs and such. For some reason today I can only rewind once, even though you normally can hit X repeatedly to rewind further. For clarification it lets me rewind one time and then even though the screen says hit extra rewind further it does not respond at all to that and I only have the option of canceling or accepting my single rewind. I’ve tried both rebooting and a second console and it’s doing the same on both. Are other people experiencing this issue, is there anything that might be causing that?

I imagine you have your own keys mapped.
After you’ve used your rewind, use the default button for all other rewinds. A small bug thatt appears in several other place where game apparently still favours default settings.

Awesome thank you that helped so I can rewind properly now. Still cannot get any key bind to work with look back. And since the developers have decided for another version we still don’t need a virtual mirror for those of us that drive Hood cam I have no way of seeing what’s behind me which is frustrating. hopefully that will get fixed as look back works for the controller but not my wheel. And look back works with Forza Motorsport 7 and Horizon 3.

Sounds like reading other posts they’ve got some controller bug issues. And in fact The fanatec wheel I have is causing PCs to crash which it was for me as well