Rewind bug

Ran the Goliath 2 times with 50 laps and noticed that around lap 18 first run through and lap 22 on second run through the rewind stopped working.

I was on lap 22 and rolled so I hit rewind and it took me back to lap 21. After that the rewind feature stopped working entirely.

It’s a bug i encountered in forza 6 as well. And it’s always with races with huge lap counts.

Please fix because I don’t see people talking about it.

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This happens in Forza 6 Motorsport too. I believe it is a memory/lag issue that they choose to limit. I run 5 lap races and notice rewind gets a little weird starting around lap 4-5. So, yeah.

I believe it is the way rewind is implemented. It seems like they hold the entire race in memory, and when they run out of memory, they dump it and rewind goes away.

Yup, a common issue in both FH3 and FM6. Not sure why they don’t change how the mechanic works so it doesn’t keep the whole race in memory, especially since FM6 has a focus on endurance races. Made those endurance challenges in FM6 a pain…

Yea wish they would fix it. It’s been annoying in FM6 and now FH3

I had a rewind bug after a 5 lapper :frowning: So it can happen much earlier too.

At some point during lengthy races, hitting Rewind no longer shows rewinding but instead goes black during the rewind increment and states Loading. Not necessarily a problem but it ends up putting your Drivatar opponents ahead of you when you resume. So much so that you’re better off not hitting rewind anymore because you’ll never catch up.

I found that Rewind failed completely during my “You’re Insane If You Even Try This” race. That was a 50-lap around Goliath Circuit. I got about 1 hour of normal rewind and maybe a half hour with the black screen/“Loading” message. after that, rewind did nothing at all. I think it has to do with some kind of “rewind buffer”?

Rewind is still needed with some racers?

Yes,on anything above a 10 lap Goliath,my attention span has been exceeded,lol

When you are as bad a driver as me, you still need it. LOL

Rewind has had this problem since rewind was a thing, remember it happening in endurance races in FM3.

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So i just wasted 4 and a half hours to play 50 laps on goliath circuit, 6 laps into the race rewind was not working properly, would put me back but not the opponents, 20 laps into the race i press rewind just to end up at lap 19 in the last place with all the opponents half the circuit ahead of me. I’m really upset with forza developers, huge drawback for me.

Ha, it’s not just rewind, if you miss a check point the screen goes black for about 30 seconds and you can hear all the cars pass you.

In my game its work alt+tab and go back to game its in menu but you don’t wait with loading black screen

I was doing 10 laps on Goliath, got to my 9th lap, had a crash and rewound the race, i got a black screen, the image reappeared, but upon continuing then drivatars went all directions and i ended up in stone dead last in Surfers Paradise whilst the “leaders” were in the Yarra Valley…

Is this a known issue and are you planning to mend it, many thanks

It’s a known issue. I don’t know if they are planning on fixing it, though.

Rewind works on Goliath until at least the start of the 9th lap. Past that and strange things happen … like you going back to a previous lap while the drivatars don’t.

Ten lap race on Goliath. Lap 9, started lapping last place people, one of them slammed into me. Used rewind, black screen. Still in front of 2nd place guy when I continue, but I drop from 1/12 to 12/12. Look at map and see it placed me miles back from where I was. Entire front of the field (4 places) ended up in last four slots. Guys who won fastest lap times were a full minuted-minute and a half behind. Game basically added a completed lap to their race. I…am displeased.

Rewind seems to stuff up almost everyone who does high multiple laps of goliath
Best not using rewind or do not as many laps

5 or 6 seems to the most people can do without freezing or lock ups

There’s probably at least 20 or 25 threads on this exact issue

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10 Goliath laps is fine IF you don’t use rewind. But if you think you need rewind, only do 5 laps.

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Yeah well you can hardly blame him for another duplicate thread considering the search bar hasn’t worked in how long now?

And yeah, these duplicate bug threads wouldn’t be as much of a problem if they’d fix their bugs, It certainly seems they’d much rather just tell you not to use a bugged feature, rather than fix it.

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