Rewards stuck at 3 cars owned

I have over 40 cars, that I have bought on different days. But the rewards page still only shows 3 cars. The other rewards are updating; days played, miles driven, etc. Any ideas to trigger the cars showing up. I’m pushing to get to Tier 11 before the FM7 release.

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You join a long list of people who have this problem. Its not looking like it will be fixed any time soon.

Man! I have this same exact problem I have 112 cars and it still shows 3 cars, I came on here to post my issue! It doesn’t make sense that my FM2 AND FM3 both update within 12 hours but it’s been a couple Weeks and still stuck at 3 cars on my FH Xbox one BC edition

Hello T10, I need my Forza Horizon cars owned updated. I have over 100 and it is stuck at 2 or 3… thanks

This seems to happen a lot. Every time I get a new car it is weeks to months before it updates. I stopped playing the game for a while because I got frustrated. As is I am behind by more than 10 cars owned, more than 1000 miles drive, DLC purchased, perfect passes, etc.