Rewards progress not showing up, only achievements. (PC). Please comment if you have this problem!

I’ve seen a bunch of threads regarding this issue, but I haven’t seen any resolution. I have also not seen anything showing turn 10 acknowledging the problem!!

I’m over lvl 50, and nothing but achievements have shown up on forza hub and forza rewards.

I’m flat out scared to play on my xbox and lose all my progress if things aren’t syncing correctly.

Please comment here if you are having the same problem, so hopefully we get an answer or some advice regarding this annoying issue.

I have the same error in Forza Hub on Xbox.

FH4 and oder Forza Titles the Progress is not correct. I have over 28 Cars in FH4 but the Forza Hub and this Website say I have only 2 Cars?
I have the Ultimate Edition with all in purchaised with Early Access and VIP Car-Pass Bond Car Pack and Formel Drift Car Pack and more. I playing more 2 days with the Forza Hub say?
It’s so crazy, nothing is correct and I have the Ultimate Edition from all Forza Games, but never I have so much Problems with the FH4 Rewards and Progress Systems at now.

I have over 500gs, level 160-odd in game and many ultimate passes (can’t check at the moment) yet they’re showing as 0. Also have more than 1 car mastery.

Yeah mine hasn’t updated anything but the achievement progress in days.

another one of about 50 threads on the same topic…in SUPPORT

it doesn’t update immediately, can take from 48 hours up to a week on some


Yeah think i have this problem but also having a problem with cheevo’s not popping too. So who knows? lol