Rewards Issue Anyone?????

Can someone, anyone look into why I have never been able to collect my Rewards? I had Credits coming to me in FH2, FM4, and FM5 but I have waited several days and no Credits. Any help would be appreciated.

Your play history at xbox indicates you’re primarily on the Xbox 360 - as explained in the thread pinned at the top of the forum there are no Forza Rewards for the 360 version of FH2. That shouldn’t stop you from collecting credits in FM4 and FM5 though. Do both the Rewards menu on this site and Forza Hub show nothing to redeem? No messages in the Gifts section of the game message center?

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My FH2 F&F Reward Points aren’t going through… Help!?

I too am not receiving my FH2 rewards from the Forza HUB (I play on the Xbox 1), nor are the cars I’ve ever purchased from the car packs anywhere to be found either.

Update: Nevermind. Found it. I guess I had to reach Nice first to have access to the rewards messages.