Rewards for rivals are lackluster

I can win 50,000 CR from one race in single player against easy AI with zero challenge. But I just beat someone in rivals to finally climb to the top 500 times on Alps out of 30,000+ different player’s times. I got 6,000 CR for completing the race and maybe 5,000 CR for the “rivals ranking” which feels really unrewarding considering the top 500 times are very difficult to beat. A million times harder than beating the AI. I understand people have abused the reward system in the past by purposely slowing down during races to climb the ranks one person at a time and rack up tons of CR but by downgrading the old bounty system for beating tougher times it makes the entire grind in rivals feel lackluster.

Is there a way to make it so bounties for tougher opponents would pay out better but, in addition to beating people you get paid extra for how many people you beat with a single race? So if you jump ahead 100 people with a really good time you collect a larger payout. This would encourage people to not slow on purpose to climb the leaderboards one race at a time and just give it their best shot for a chance at winning more CR. This might encourage more people to play rivals too if their first race would give them decent CR for beating a bunch of low records on their first attempt. I dunno just a thought.

Stop rewinding and actually complete laps, I don’t have issues with this

Huh? No my point was ever since they got rid of the old bounty system the CR the rewards don’t give out nearly as much CR. And for reaching the top 100 being extremely difficult you’d think a little better would be given out than just 5000 CR