rewards/ dlc please help

anyone kind enough to suggest or shed some light on a few troublesome scenarios I can’t seem to figure out.

1: my rewards page had trouble tallying or recognizing accomplishments or details completed (days played, achievements completed, etc…) on Forza Motorsport 3&4 these last few months. now I’ve begun Horizon 2 and my account here doesn’t acknowledge any efforts in FH2… I can’t figure out why these aren’t synced with my profile or how to get everything current and correct.

2: I don’t see any DLC available for any of my Forza games. I did find tokens available in FH2, so I purchased a $5 set of tokens and the download failed. I figured it was an error in part and double checked everything I could think of and tried again, with the same results. it charged me for both but there is no history of the DL on my system.

good grief. what am I doing wrong here?

(ps. just had a baby, I’m changing diapers and have a hour of sleep every hour, for a month now… may contribute to my dumbfounded state)

I’ve reset my xbox (what is necessary and involved in doing that safely etc…)

Are you on X360 by any chance?

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(hope i am doing this correctly)

funny you ask that question.
I’ve since discovered that FH2 doesn’t get dlc or Forza Rewards recognition.

I solved my token issue (don’t know if I mentioned it).

thank you for asking @funkydunk1977 (great decade the seventies)

I do have the 360. I was biding my time with Forza 360 games until I had enough to get an XBoXOnE (with sling very important) and FH3 etc… I lost months of my life and money in FH1 in 2013… loved it.

while we are on the topic, does FH2:fast&furious for the 360 count towards rewards? I ask because it is a stand alone issue.

thank you kindly!


Nothing to do with FH2 on the X360 has is a part of the Rewards program - as a result, FH2 presents the Fast and the Furious is also not part of the Rewards program either.

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successfully posted that correctly. I’m not so dim I suppose.

great help, thank you very much. funky dunk 1977.