Rewarded credits via in game messages is broken

It was working fine until this morning. I went into my messages and pressed A to accept my credits (3.9 million) to find they weren’t added.
A few hours later I exited and restarted the game to try again, this time 700k credits weren’t added.
Tried a 3rd (and final time) time just now to get full confirmation on my end and yes, still broken.

As you can see on the clip I should have got around 1 million credits, instead I got 13k

It looks like you’ve skipped over the PLEASE READ thread pinned above. Please help the team log these issues by submitting a ticket per the instructions.

I’m sorry but the please read message was and still is the last thing on my mind That said I can’t see a please read post even looking for it so maybe you guys should make it more clear as a little bit of constructive critique. I reported it before I posted. I was just curious to find if anyone else has the issue at the time but I’ve found out pretty much all the livery artists I know are having the same issue. Losing around 15 million credits a day because of this

Edit: I found the Please Read post. Manteo…my post was moved from the normal Horizon 5 discussion where that isn’t posted. I did not see the support section upon arrival (as it’s in small writing as a sub forum for some odd reason.