Today 6 July 2018 I redeemed my Forza rewards but did NOT receive the payout credits in the game today 225K NOT received again. This is a repeat discrepancy every week NO credits for reward points.

It happens.

When you get them again, you’ll get all the weeks you’ve actually redeemed them, maybe in one lump sum, or individually

To be honest i am getting really annoyed with the fact that Forza 7 has problems that involve the game having random moments.

problems like not receiving credits, screen goes black at points.

It has nothing to do with FM 7, it’s the rewards program. Contact should you wish to pursue the matter further.

Same with FH3 - no rewards given. Didn´t check the other Forzas yet, but FM7 and FH3 are the usual candidates, sigh.

Thanks for the reminder, I’ll redeem later. I’m sure I’ll still get a Tier 11 reward again even though I’ve been Tier 12 for at least 6 months. That 75k can be made up in 1 race so no biggy!