Reverse Vynl Group Glitch

Did some searching and didn’t come across an answer, apologies if this has been addressed (or is in the wrong area).

I just loaded one of my own liveries on a car, and I noticed one of my decals is reversed on one side. I went back to the paint booth to correct it, and both in the paintbooth and in forza vista it is correct, only in world it is backwards. I tried deleting the group, copying and pasting from the other side, deleting it and loading the group in entirely but it still shows up as reversed in game. I didn’t use the ‘insert from other side’ feature as the decal has text, and I knew that wouldn’t work. I have other decals on that same side that also have text and they are just fine. This is the only one of my shared designs that has had any downloads or interest, so it really bothers me to have this glaring problem with it.

Any help is much appreciated.


The problem is with the widebody kit. When I install widebody it reverses the decal, when I remove it it goes back to normal.
Not sure if I’d exactly call that problem resolved though.